What is MySQL and How it is used [ FAQ ]

Posted on 10. Jul, 2009 by Webmaster Blog in Web Hosting Wiki

MySQL is a popular SQL based multi-user database management system, generally referred to as DBMS, it’s popular acronym. It is a multi threaded system which has reportedly over 10 million installed users around the world. A Swedish company named MySQL AB holds the copyright to the MySQL codebase. MySQL AB is a for profit firm and owns and sponsors MySQL applications, including those that are created or written by outside sources as well as those created by MySQL AB. MySQL AB is the proprietor of another web based databse software product called MaxDB, although it is based on a different codebase altogether, and it is generally considered to be incompatible with SQL and MySQL. MySQL AB has developed and currently continues to maintain MySQL and has employees around the world in many different countries.

Their are similarities between the open source sharing model used by MySQL and the JBoss model as well as the method in which the Free Software Foundation projects are copyrighted. The open source software sharing model utilized by MySQL AB is slightly different than the method in which the Apache project operates, in which the applications are developed by the community and the copyright is owned by the original individual programmers. The adoption of open source software is different in nearly every case, as the open source software movement is still in it’s relative infancy, and the internet has only recently begun to allow the open source software sharing model to effectively establish itself on the web.

MySQL is a universal tool for creating applications for the web and performs database duties for the WAMP, MAMP and Lamp systems. MySQL became popular with the advent of PHP, as they are frequently used in conjunction with one another. MySQL is a critical component required for the WordPress blogging system and is fundamental in the operation of MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia and other wiki type web database systems.

MySQL is what is known as a relational database management system, meaning that data is stored in separate tables instead of all together in one section. This technique allows the database itself to be faster and more flexible, meeting the requirements of today’s high traffic internet. SQL means Structured Query Language and is the language used most often to access databases and is constantly evolving and being revised. The phrase SQL standard generally refers to the SQL standard at that particular point in time.

MySQL is an open source software product, meaning it is free to use and distribute across the web for anyone who cares to do so. The open source software sharing model enables users to access software for free online, regardless of location or qualification. Many experts contend that the web and users of the web will continue to offer more growth opportunities for the open source software sharing model, as there are few detractors, and participation requires only a computer and internet access. Because of the open source software SQL systems in place, internet users today enjoy much faster load times and response rates when using web based applications associated with database management systems.

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