Tricks and Tips to find out Who Un-Followed You in Twitter

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 by Webmaster Blog in Internet

Doesn’t it feel great when someone or lot of someones start following you on Twitter. Well, it feels great as you get notified by email when someone follows you. But you would not have been notified if someone stops following you, hadn’t it been notified by Qwitter.

Some Users may decide to drop you off from their list of ‘interesting people to follow’ if you do not update your status regularly or post on controversial issues more often. While in some cases knowing who ‘unfollowed’ you isn’t important, it is still a very valuable piece of information otherwise.

Qwitter here makes sure that you never lose a track of all the people who, for some reason, end up ‘unfollowing’ you on Twitter. It notifies you through email as soon as a user drops you off their ‘following’ list.

Another service that serves the same purpose is Twitterless. It provides more detailed statistics about your followers on Twitter and also notifies you as soon as someone unfollows you. The only downside is that the service is invitation based. Follow @tless on Twitter to get your free invitation to use the service.

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