Tired of slow sites? Google gets creative yet again

Posted on 02. Jan, 2010 by coldstorm in Freewares and Betas

Obsession of continuous improvement through innovation, efficiency and technology has always been Google’s mantra to success. It also shows the company’s interest towards its customers by offering them a product which delivers. We have seen a considerable efforts made by them in recent times like the super-minimalist homepage which is easy to browse, loads quickly and is not cluttered with advertisements which is nasty. A complete transformation in their search algorithms which gets you your search results at a super speed, and not to mention their Web-centric operating systems.
The company is growing, so are its products.
Recently, it launched a product which would increase the speed of slow loading sites. Its known as Google Site Performance tool which is made available at the Google webmasters tool lab section. Its jam-packed with so many features like website analyses which would get your accurate data on average load time of the site, graphical demonstration of the sites performance before and after the use of the tool and how you could improve it, report generation on specific pages of the site and the tips and suggestions on how you could enhance your browsing experience are some of the coolest feature.
How would Google benefit by doing this? You may want to know. Its simple, when a website loads quickly, it helps in the loading of Google ads which gets them the revenue. Keep in mind, slow loading pages does affect the ads being loaded and minimizes the clicks drastically. Google would develop more tools in a future, one of them being sites ranked according to their speed, we are not sure how webmasters would react to this but we should not forget that from a viewers point it would be of great use.

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