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Posted on 17. Jul, 2009 by Webmaster Blog in Earn Money

Scour is an awesome search engine with power of community. Search results which you get are aggregated results from Google, Yahoo and MSN which ads an advantage of searching just at one place.

Another advantage you get here is that every search result are reviewed by the members with comments added on. This gives an option to see how the review is before the users visits that site.

Now lets talk about the Money Model Scour has.For every search you make on Scour,

  • You get 1 point,
  • Every comment you write about the particular search result gives you 2 points,
  • You can invite a friend to Scour, and earn points for these invites,
  • 25% of points that are made by the people invited by you are also added to your account.
  • Also the installation of Scour toolbar gives you points.

Now the question is what is the use of these points? So, once your points reach 6500, you can redeem them for 25$ Visa Gift Card. Now you might think that’s too low coz it will take time to score but if you keep using it all the time not only you will get better result but also make some money too.

Toolbars for Firefox and IE 6 + are available, several other widgets which are expected to arrive soon can be seen here. So try Scour today and let us know how did you like it?

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