“Life In A Day” YouTube Project Receives 80K Videos

Posted on 06. Aug, 2010 by Webmaster Blog in Make Money Online

Anyone who was concerned that YouTube’s "Life in a Day" project would run short of footage can put that worry to rest.  YouTube announced today that it received an almost incomprehensible number of submissions: 80,000 videos from 197 countries.

That’ll provide director Kevin Macdonald, whose job it is to piece together a documentary showing what the world was like on July 24th, plenty of material even if some people included copyrighted content or lots of foul language (the final product probably isn’t meant to be R-rated).

It’ll hardly matter if a few folks forgot to take off the lens cap or did something silly like point their camera at a goldfish bowl, either.

So it seems the Ridley Scott-backed "cinematic experiment" that was announced about a month ago is going quite well so far.  As for the next steps, Macdonald and a number of assistants will presumably begin the mind-boggling task of sorting through the 80,000 videos.

YouTube promised in the same tweet it used to announce the submission stats that it will launch a video gallery in early September, too.

Then, although there should be some intermediary developments, the final "Life in a Day" documentary is still due to premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

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