How to choose a web hosting provider for your first web site

Posted on 28. Sep, 2009 by Webmaster Blog in Web Hosting Wiki

Choosing a web hosting provider for your first web site is a difficult decision, fraught with peril. Making a bad decision this early in the life of your web site can be disastrous in the long run, as an unscrupulous web hosting provider could create havoc for the web master in the future, at some crucial juncture when the web master has invested all or most of his or her resources. Making a careful and deliberate choice early on by selecting a reliable web hosting provider will pay off major dividends down the line, when the loss of your web site hosting will be a tremendous hurdle, and would likely end in disaster

When making the web hosting provider comparisons, it is almost always advisable to check the length of time that the web hosting provider has been in service, and what type of reputation they have around the web. It won’t do you any good to find out later that they have a penchant for ripping off web masters on their web hosting, as by that time it will be too late. Be sure to conduct in-depth research, even going so far as to call former and current web masters who use the web hosting provider’s service and asking their honest opinion.

Once the web master has narrowed down his or her choices to the most reliable, the question of acceptable content comes up. Will the web hosting provider allow the type of content you intend to publish? Some racy or adult content can cause friction between the web master and the web hosting provider. Adult content in particular tends to cause problems due to the amount of traffic they receive, which uses a disproportionate amount of bandwidth compared to other sites on the web. If the content on the web master’s web site is considered inappropriate or offensive, then the web master will simply be required to look elsewhere for a web hosting provider.

The most important question regarding the web hosting provider for your first web site is bandwidth. If the web master’s web site consumes an above average amount of bandwidth, then this is an issue that needs to be addressed and brought up when discussing service plans with the web hosting provider, as they will undoubtedly be anxious to know if the web master’s web site is going to see huge amounts of traffic throughput. Most web hosting providers offer several plans for web masters to take advantage of, usually scaled down or up based on the bandwidth that the web site consumes on a day to day basis.

Once all these considerations are taken into account and the web master has done his or her due diligence, there is still the matter of price to consider. Each and every web master has a different budget, as well as different constraints that they each must consider independently. But it is always good advice to purchase the best, most reliable web hosting provider that the web master can afford, without over reaching his or her budget.

Once these key points are addressed, it is a simple matter to weed out the web hosting providers that are incompatible with the web master’s software or don’t support the required scripting languages. Following these essential points, as expressed here, will ensure that the fledgling web master won’t be led astray in his or her search for a web hosting provider.

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