Add Programs to Right Click – Customise your Right Click

Posted on 08. Sep, 2009 by Webmaster Blog in Tricks and Tips

A member in my community was Asking Me ..” how 2 add any programs to right click “. So I did some searching and found this great article. Here it Goes -
This document gives step by step instructions for customizing the options that appear on the right-click menu for various file types. I have found this particularly useful for designing and testing web pages.
Typically, before uploading a HTML page, you will want to view it in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and you may wish to make quick edits using, say, WordPad. To make this easier for myself I have added a “Netscape” and an “Edit” option to the right-click menu for all HTML files, (IE is my default browser). This means I can open HTML files in Internet Explorer, Netscape or WordPad with two clicks, instead of dragging files all over the desktop, or opening applications and doing a “File Open”.

For GIFs and JPEGS, I have also added the Netscape option, and I’ve linked the “Edit” option to my favorite graphics editing program.

This document discusses editing the Windows Registry. This gives you complete control over the configuration of your menus, but you should be extremely careful not to change Registry values that are used by other applications. The author accepts no responsibility for any problems that may arise as a result of any changes to the Registry, even for those changes outlined in this example.

If you want to avoid modifying the registry directly, many of the changes described here can also be made in Windows Explorer’s “Folder Options” menu. To use this approach, double click “My Computer”, select the “Tools” menu, then “Folder Options”, then the “File Types” tab. From here, you can highlight the file type you wish to change, then click the “Advanced” button to change the menu options that appear for the file type. This won’t give you complete control of every option, but it is probably sufficient for most needs, and it is much less likely to cause problems as a result of accidental changes to the wrong registry keys.

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One Response to “Add Programs to Right Click – Customise your Right Click”

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